Do You Know How to Breathe?!

Do you have chronic pain that you cannot seem to get over no matter what you’ve tried? Sometimes we have to think outside the box. We are noticing more and more people with poor breathing patterns as a root cause of poor core stability. Now I know you are probably thinking, I breathe just fine and I get it. However, look at children and how they breathe. The breathe almost entirely with their belly. Now think of how you normally breathe. If it is with your belly, that’s fantastic! If you are breathing with your chest however, we’ve got work to do. The best breathing is done with using our diaphragm to inhale and exhale. Many of us use our accessory rib cage muscles such as levator scapula, upper traps, and intercostalis. When we use those muscles, we rob ourselves of intra-abdominal pressure and therefore core stability. This should be where we START our core stability training. The diaphragm plays a key rule due to the fact that it is the only muscle in the body to lay entirely in the axial plane. If we can step back and start working on breathing right first, many cases from headaches to low back pain can resolve much easier.

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